Welcome to Daily Hawks

Welcome to Daily Hawks.

My name is Chase Thomas, and I’ll be your captain on this hopefully long, fun adventure covering the Atlanta Hawks for years to come here at Daily Hawks.

I have lots of goals as to what I’d like to turn Daily Hawks into, but to keep it simple: My hope is to mold this site into the place for Hawks coverage. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s a goal I think is certainly plausible over the long haul.

What you’ll find at Daily Hawks over the coming months is editorials, features, game previews, game recaps, news and much more.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you return very soon.

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I only have time for coffee. Associate editor at Crossover Chronicles, Bloguin's NBA blog. Proprietor of http://DailyHawks.com. Host of the Cut to the Chase podcast. Contact: chasethomas0418@gmail.com Follow: @CutToTheChaseT