Rob Gronkowski’s Injury History Could be a Problem for the Patriots

The Jets and Patriots squared off on Thanksgiving Weekend in a Week 12 showdown.

But it’s not a Thanksgiving Weekend matchup. No, instead, it’s “Weekend at Gronkie’s,” according to the New York Daily News.

The popular newspaper must have grown tired of trolling the Jets, so apparently they set their sights on the team’s most heated rival. Check out the back page that previewed Sunday’s game.

Obviously, this is a reference to the popular 1989 film, “Weekend at Bernie’s.” This particular rendition shows a shades-wearing Gronk, being held up by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.  However for fans interested in betting on football, the Patriots had the last laugh as they were 9.5 point favorites heading into Sunday’s game and covered the spread easily.

The graphic was entertaining, but let’s be honest, Gronk wouldn’t need anyone to hold him up. He could drink for an entire day and still dance like a boss.