Build Your Perfect Fantasy Team with the Top Fantasy Sports Apps

I love playing fantasy football, it’s probably my favorite hobby, but – let’s be honest – it’s not easy to hide checking in on your team when you’re at work. Now, listen, I’m a good employee, but sometimes you just need to know game results and player stats on their website right away so you can make quick decisions. I decided to see if there were any apps I could use to keep up with my team, and WOW, I wish I would have looked into this sooner. A very helpful website (which I’ll link below), introduced me to some truly amazing fantasy sports apps.

I tried several and liked them so much that I actually chose my favorite three to share with you below because, if you’re a fantasy sports fanatic like me, you seriously need these in your life. I’ve added pros and cons so you can choose the app or apps that best fit your needs – hope it helps!

Get Constant News Updates with DK Live

DK Live really is a must-have supplement for all of your sports teams and player updates that you can use alongside other fantasy sports sites and apps. It has news updates as well as leaderboards that you can tailor to your Fantasy League players so you can get all the information that’s vital for making your draft decisions. All of its stats are updated live with every play so you don’t miss a single score. Plus, you can also save your favorite players in order to get their individual stats at the press of a button, which is super convenient.

Because DK Live is updating multiple sports stats every minute, the app sometimes does freeze or crash. I’ll be the first to admit that this is frustrating, but there’s also no better place (in my opinion) for up-to-the-minute game info, so it will be up to you to decide if this is worth it.

Choose a Logo for Your Fantasy Team with ESPN Fantasy Sports

ESPN Fantasy Sports provides you with all the tools you need to run your very own fantasy league, draft players, and access player rankings and analysis. The app makes it easy to follow just the teams you’re interested in and get real-time fantasy sports updates plus notifications, which let you know the instant something important has happened so you can be prepared for your next trade. There are also special extras like choosing a logo for your team, which is a really fun way to make your team stand out among your friends’ teams.

ESPN is so full of features that it can occasionally run slowly or taking longer to load all of your team’s information. This isn’t the best when you need stats ASAP, but the app itself is really thorough, so you’ll have to determine which of these factors is more important to you.

Create & Personalize Your League with Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is actually the NFL’s official app for playing fantasy sports, which is especially great if the only sport you want to build a fantasy team for is football. You have the ability to create your very own league and it seriously only takes minutes. Or, you can play in a public league and go head-to-head with other fans from around the world. I think this is particularly cool because it’s a really great way to meet new friends who have similar interests. You can also opt to get push notifications that will tell you the latest game scores and results.

If you’re interested in playing other fantasy sports, like fantasy baseball, then you will prefer one of the other apps I’ve mentioned in this article. Fantasy Football is football-specific, so those are the only teams you will be able to create.


So here you go. If you’re a fan of fantasy sports like me, I’m sure you’ll appreciate these apps. In case you need more, I’ll link to the top 10 list I used for my article so you can check out.

Top Fantasy Sports Apps

I have had an absolute blast since finding these apps and, finally, I can check to see how my teams are doing while I’m at work and no one is the wiser. If you want a more convenient way to keep up with your fantasy teams, then I highly, highly recommend you check out these apps.