Matchup Opposite Warriors Tops Atlanta’s Most Expensive Games In February

The Atlanta Hawks are no longer the dominant force that took over the Eastern Conference and posted the second best record in the NBA a year ago. The loss of defensive stopper DeMarre Carroll plays into that, but despite the mild regression going into the 2015-16 NBA season, the Hawks remain one of the better teams inside the conference.

Heading into February, Atlanta holds a solid 28-22 record and sits atop the Southeast Division with hopes of staving off the Miami Heat and securing the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference. Atlanta can still make that happen if they can put forth a strong February – a month that includes four intense division battles, as well as a showdown with the defending champion Golden State Warriors.

No matter which direction Atlanta goes in, the silver lining will be supreme value for their fans, with Atlanta Hawks tickets currently averaging out at just $115.39. The value is even more obvious this month, with just one game topping even $150 on average. Let’s get a better idea of the value in Hawks tickets by breaking down the top five most expensive home games for Atlanta in February, per

2/22/2016 – Atlanta Hawks vs. Golden State Warriors at Philips Arena | Avg: $317.56 | Get-in: $85.61

Atlanta’s most expensive home game comes against the Warriors, who have lost four games all season. Luckily, all four losses have come on the road, so if Paul Millsap and co. can bring their A-game, they could have a shot at getting a monstrous home win on February 22. Regardless of the outcome, this is an insane value even with Hawks tickets approaching $320 on average. For one, the $85 get-in price is a solid deal for a game of this magnitude, while the Hawks vs. Warriors clash at Oracle Arena later in March is actually about $21 more, so fans are getting a nice discount by comparison.

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2/19/2016 – Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat at Philips Arena | Avg: $145.36 | Get-in: $31

The second most expensive Hawks home game this month isn’t even half the price of that Hawks/Warriors game, which shows how big the savings really are in February at Philips Arena. This is even a mammoth-sized divisional clash, too, as Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh lead the Miami Heat into Georgia. The Hawks and Heat are neck and neck for the first place lead in the Southeast Division, so there’s no getting around how big this game actually is. That being said, fans sure aren’t paying much to get in, with the average set of Hawks tickets costing barely $145 and fans can hit the cheap seats for just $31.

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2/26/2016 – Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls at Philips Arena | Avg: $140.49 | Get-in: $30

The third most expensive Hawks home game steps outside of the division but stays in the Eastern Conference, as Jimmy Butler brings his Bulls into town. Chicago has a similar record and has experienced the same ups and downs this year, but they’re still a very good team that can put up points and defend fairly well. Fans should expect a tight game at Philips Arena, where the Hawks have gone a stellar 16-8 on the year and have won their last two meetings with the Bulls.

2/5/2016 – Atlanta Hawks vs. Indiana Pacers at Philips Arena | Avg: $78.49 | Get-in: $21

The value is even more evident on the 5th, when Paul George and the Pacers enter Philips Arena. This registers as Atlanta’s fourth most expensive home game of the month, yet it’s quite arguably their best bargain in February. George is a superstar talent, while Indiana (25-23) has been a very sound team with good balance. George has slipped of late, though, so there’s a good chance the Hawks could take advantage and steal a big home win.

2/28/2016 – Atlanta Hawks vs. Charlotte Hornets at Philips Arena | Avg: $76.91 | Get-in: $15

Atlanta could catch a break in their fifth most expensive game at Philips Arena this month, as the Hornets come to town severely banged up. Kemba Walker, Jeremy Lamb, Al Jefferson, Nicolas Batum and Cody Zeller have all missed time with injuries at some point this year, and it’s tough to say who will suit up later this month. That being said, the Hornets still present a challenge as a 23-25 team that can score the ball and defend at a moderate level. Atlanta will be getting a tougher challenge if Jefferson is back for this one, but as it stands Hawks fans can probably bank on a win while paying just $15 for the cheap seats.